Front yard parking

The purpose of the Finnish Rescue Act (379/2011) is to improve the safety of people and to reduce the number of accidents. The purpose of the Act is also to ensure that when there is the threat of an accident or when an accident has occurred, people are rescued, important functions are secured and the consequences of the accident are successfully limited.

According to Section 11 of the Act, an emergency access road is a road- or other accessway on which emergency vehicles have an unobstructed access to the building. Vehicles may not be parked on emergency access roads, nor may other obstacles be placed on them. While delivering, loading and unloading goods is allowed, the vehicle transporting them must be removed immediately to avoid blocking the emergency access road. Property owners and occupants shall, for their part, ensure that such accessways are kept serviceable and free of obstructions and that they are appropriately indicated.

The front yard of Satoeversti Housing Cooperative has been defined as an emergency access road, indicated by traffic signs. Therefore, the ensuing parking prohibition concerns all vehicles, including but not limited to: motorcycles; mopeds; motor scooters; and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). Transporting, loading and/or unloading goods relating to or resulting from e.g. building maintenance work or apartment renovations grant no right to park in the front yard, but the vehicles must be removed as stated above.

Parking on an emergency access road in violation of the signage is a traffic violation that can result in fines. If a vehicle has been parked in the yard in violation of the section 11(2) of the Rescue Act, it may result in either the police or municipal traffic inspector removing said vehicle immediately. Any costs resulting from the removal are to be paid by the owner or the possessor of the vehicle (Laki ajoneuvojen siirtämisestä 828/2008; Finnish Vehicle Removal Act).