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You live in a housing cooperative (later: co-op) that takes care of the well-being of its residents. To make your living easier, we have put together this small info leaflet about the rules of the cooperative and contact information. In addition to this leaflet, you should read through the cooperative's rules of order and follow them in your everyday life. The rules can be found in the notice boards of every staircase. If you have any questions about living in Satoeversti, the manager and the board of directors are there to help you.

Perkkaan Huolto Oy

Perkkaan Huolto Oy is firm responsible for most of the maintenance work in the co-op. A resident is responsible for some of the maintenance work. You can get a chart of how the maintenance work is divided between a resident and Perkkaan Huolto Oy.

For Perkkaan Huolto contact information, please visit their website:


Read first The new Limited-liability Housing Companies Act.

If you are going to renovate your appartment, you need a consent from the Housing Company Board of Directors. In order to get the consent, you need to carefully fill a renovation notice with all information related to materials, methods and subcontractors. Please contact Perkkaan Huolto for the proper template for the renovation notice. 

If you're to renovate your apartment, you should leave a note of it at least on the notice board of your staircase, but preferably to all the staircases. The note must say, where the renovation is being done and how long it's going to take. Renovations are allowed to be done between 8 am and 8 pm on weekdays and between 10 am and 6 pm on Saturdays. No loud renovating is allowed outside these time limits and on Sundays and holidays. Silence in the co-op is between 10 pm and 7 am.

Bear mind that in a prefabricated house the noises coming from an apartment a long way. Do consider your neighbours by not making too much noise.


It is legally forbidden to smoke in public places. The co-op wishes everyone to avoid smoking on balconies, or close to the staircase doors in order to prevent the smoke from spreading to other apartments and public places. 


The rooms in common use can be accessed with the so-called mistress key.

The cellar closets are on the bottom floor of staircases A and C. The co-op's sauna section, mangle (mankeli), drying room (kuivaushuone), club room (kerhohuone) and cold cellar (kylmäkellari) have each been marked with a plate with their name on it, so it will not be difficult to find them. You can access them via the fire doors opposite to the elevators in staircases A and B.

The co-op's sauna is in staircase B. You can book your own sauna turn from the manager. Common sauna turns are on Tuesdays between 8 and 10 pm and everyone is welcome to them. Dressing rooms 1 and 2 are for women, 3 and 4 for men. Information about Christmas sauna turns is posted on the notice boards. 

The co-op's mangle is in the sauna lobby in staircase B. It's free to use it, and so far no beforehand bookings have been necessary.

The club room, its guidelines and booking leaflet are in staircase B. You can bring newspapers and magazines to the room and arrange your own club meetings in it.

There are two bicycle cellars. They are not meant to used as junk storages. The co-op clears out the cellars thoroughly every year and takes away all useless movables, eg. abandoned bicycles.  However, if your property is useless, it will be thrown away in any case.

The bomb shelter is in staircase C. No objects, eg. baby strollers, are allowed to be kept in the bomb shelter or in the staircases, for they are a security risk in case of fire. Turn off the lights whenever you exit a room.


Most of domestic waste can be sorted in the different deep collection containers in the yard. There are now contaibers for small glass and metal waste, also. The resident must take all pieces of waste that are too big for the containers (sofas, TVs, etc.) to a landfill himself. If you do renovation work, make sure the renovation waste doesn't fill the containers.

For glass, energy waste and metal there are sorting units in shopping mall Sello. Batteries are accepted by different shops.For collection points for hazardous waste (recharcheable batteries, fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, paints, chemicals, etc.) please check


We kindly ask you to do your bit for waste sorting!


The co-op has a limited amount of parking places. The queue list is being updated by Perkkaan Huolto Oy. The co-op's inner yard is not a parking place, however you can keep your car in it while packing or unloading it. Parking places with limited parking time are at the end of Everstinkuja. Please bear in mind that the time limits are valid also on weekends.

Every now and then the residents of the co-op gather up to do some voluntary renovating and/or cleaning in order to make the co-op a more pleasant place to live. Everyone is welcome to join these gatherings, from which you'll find more information on the staircase's noticeboard. 

As we all live in an apartment building, let's try to consider our neighbors and behave in a way we would like our neighbors to behave. 


The safety plan and its instructions can be found in the sauna lobby in staircase B. Further safety information and instructions for different possible emergencies are on the co-op's website (in Finnish only). All detected safety faults and suggestions for improvements should immediatelly be reported to the manager.


Birds like other wild animals find their food from the nature by themselves.

At Satoeversti it has been noticed that birds are being fed from balconies and windows. Feeding of birds entices also not wanted animals like rats to our yard.

Noticing aforesaid, we ask people not to feed birds in the yard, balconies or on windowsills.


Broadband connectivity in Housing Company Satoeversti is provided by network operator DNA.

The broadband network is using TV-cabling. A particular type of antenna splitter is used to connect both TV-cable and the broadband cable to the wall socket. 

How do I get the DNA-Welho cable modem?

If there is not yet a cable modem and/or the antenna splitter in your appartment, you can buy them from DNA shops.

What if the basic 10Mbps speed is not enough for me?

You can order higher speeds from DNA, for prices and availability, please ask DNA. They have their shop e.g. at Sello mall.

How to connect my computer to DNA-Welho network?

The cable modem is connected to the TV antenna connector, and it supports both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (WiFi) connections. Wireless connection requires that your computer is equipped with WiFi connectivity.

How can I get help in problems related to broadband or tv-connectivity?

Neither the Housing Company or Perkkaan Huolto Oy can help in these issues. 

In case of any issues with TV-channels or (new) DNA-broadband, you need to contact DNA directly. They do not accept any calls from Perkkaan Huolto, so it is not worth contacting them.

Contact information:

Customer Service 044 144 044, Failure reports (24hours) 0800 300 500.

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Wishing a pleasant living,

Satoeversti Housing Cooperation

Board of Directors